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Automated External Defibrillation (AED) in Manitoba


When your heart stops from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, there may be a short window in which it is able to be "reset".   This initial heart rhythm is known as fibrillation and does not produce circulation.   The treatment for this problem is Defibrillation and is available to the general public in an Automated External Defibrillator or AED.   These devices are safe and easy to use.   In fact many students in elementary schools around the world are taught how to use them.   Once turned on, the AED will talk to you and coach you through the steps of resuscitation and most importantly be able to deliver the life saving treatment required.   Some estimates show that for each minute without defibrillation a victim of sudden cardiac arrest could lose as much as 10% of their chance of survival.

Frankly, there is no reason not to have an AED and no reason not to use it on those who need it.   This machine will only treat those who are in Cardiac Arrest and not those who do not require it.

Find First Aid Inc. has the following AED products available as well as training and quality assurance programs if desired.

ZOLLAEDZoll AED Plus Package - $2500.00

Includes: AED / Carry Case / Rescue Kit / One-Piece Pads / Wall Cabinet / and training for up to 8 people.

The Zoll AED Plus provides Audible and Visual prompts as well as a clear one piece pad.   It also is the only AED that uses consumer batteries making them less expensive if needing replacement.   It is also the only AED to give real time CPR feedback knowing if CPR is being performed and even how well.




Call us at (204) 782-0390 for more information about our AED options and training programs.

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